Here’s where I’ll be tossing my opinions about movies into the dark, cold void of internet space.


Well, a few reasons. One, I like movies, and I also like having opinions. It’s not so much as I enjoy pushing my opinions on other people as much as I just like forming my opinions into words, to be laid down concretely in sentences and paragraphs and whatnot. Otherwise my opinions just swirl around in my own head, and that can get tiring.

I also want to be a screenwriter for some stupid reason, but unfortunately screenwriting isn’t such a ‘shareable’ art form. As in, anyone can check out a YouTube video, or read a poem or a short story. Or a blog post. But nobody but my closest friends are going to be like, “can i read your roughly-written, clearly-still-amateurish 90-page screenplay real quick?” And even they probably wouldn’t get too far.

Basically, here’s something I’m passionate about that also lets me share my writing. Yes, I’m writing about the stories that other people are telling, and the movies that other people are making, but it’s something.

It’s my thing.

My likely self-indulgent, overwritten, and obscure reference-y thing. So enjoy it.



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